Social skills group is suitable for children who are participating in mainstream schools but demonstrate challenges in meaningfully interacting with their peers. Often times children want to connect with others but don’t know how.

Challenges in social skills may lead to inhibition, reduced confidence, build up in negative emotions, aggression and other challenging behaviours.

To help children learn appropriate social skills and apply them in the natural environment, a group learning environment is ideal. The group can either be formed by parents or can be offered when three or more children are signed up for a group below: 

Group Early Learners: Age 4-6

Group Early Bloomers: Age 7-9

Group Early Builders: Age 10-12

To ensure the intervention is effective we follow a step by step approach: 

Assessment in group environment. An indirect assessment will be conducted in a group environment to identify the child’s challenges and determine whether the social skills group is suitable. If challenges in multiple domains of learning are presented, 1:1 intervention is suggested to address foundational skills.

Prioritise goals. Once the challenges are identified, therapy goals are prioritised. Prioritising goals is important so that the child can learn one skill upon mastery and maintain the skill prior to moving on to other goals.

Learning and application. Learning and application occurs on a weekly basis where the child learns the social skills in a 1:1 environment on one day and then applies those skills in a group environment on another. By revisiting the child’s performance every week, the child is able to receive positive and informative feedback and become more aware of his or her progress.

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