Improving Executive Function Skills

Executive functioning is often compared to the air traffic control system at a busy airport managing flights landing into and departing out of multiple runways and terminals. It manages the information in our brains, keeps us focused, removes distractions and helps us to switch attention when necessary. 

Some children including those with autism and ADHD have challenges in their executing functioning. If so, they may:  

  • Have difficulties with planning and executing tasks 
  • Have trouble sustaining attention
  • Have trouble completing projects 
  • Be forgetful of materials required to complete projects
  • Demonstrate poor emotion regulation 
  • Have difficulties with time management
  • Be unable to inhibit impulses and avoid distractions to reach a goal 

With such challenges, children may find it difficult to learn in their natural environment which can further pose challenges to their development. 

Learn more about executive function skills and tools and guides to navigate such challenges: 

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